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Weekly Timetable Grids (Jan 2021)

Plase find below Weekly Timetable Grids for each class level.

To open, download or print the grids, please click on the relevant link below in the Downloads section. The documents are in PDF format. In general, clicking on a link in the document will bring you to the web resource. If a link fails to open, copy and paste the link, in full, into the address bar of your browser.

Please check back here for updated weekly grids.

These are to be used in conjunction with the SEESAW platform also in use by teachers with their individual classes. If you have not already signed up to use SEESAW please get in touch with your child's teacher to organise this.

Please click HERE for the current list of teacher email addresses (update August 2021)

Please click HERE for our current Remote Teaching and Learning Policy.


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