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River Valley Swords

River Valley, Swords, Co. Dublin, Charity Number 20119300
Ms. Mary McNally, Principal

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Tree Trail

We are very lucky to have a wide range of trees planted on our beautiful school grounds. The first principal of Holy Family JNS, Brendan Mc Cormack, made a plan for the school grounds very early on that included the planting of many varieties of Native Irish Trees, and many more have been planted in the 40 years since.

In an attempt to make the identification of these trees easier for the children, teachers and parents in our school we have begun the process of creating a Tree Trail using QR Codes. These link to the school website where information on the trees can be found. By simply scanning the codes using a phone or tablet, we can easily see the name of the tree, its identifying leaves, flowers and fruit and some further information about the species.

Many classes enjoyed trying out this tree trail on National Tree Day, October 6th, and in the weeks since. We chose 12 trees initially to have the codes but we will hopefully add to this and make the codes a more permanent feature in the months ahead. If you see a QR code on any of our lovely trees feel free to scan them and learn more about the Holy Family trees with your children.