...There was an old woman, who lived in a ....shoebox...!! Click on the video below to view.
...There was an old woman, who lived in a ....shoebox...!! Click on the video below to view.

Shoebox Houses from all 2nd Classes

It's obviously not all Maths and English and Irish only during the remote schooling day .... all subjects get a look in. One area that has produced amazing results over the months is Art & Craft work, with many fine examples having featured here on the site. Great creativity mixed with the time and materials available at home have seen the children get their imaginations and skills all fired up!

This video showcases the most recent project taken on by the Second Class children from Rooms 15 to 20. In producing these fab Shoebox Houses they have called on a whole host of skills and talents. From initial design and architectural planning, right through to building and decorating, they have shown great creativity and talent ..... certainly not much "room to improve" on here!

The houses come in all shapes and sizes and they all look like they would be great places to be living during a lockdown, if they were real. I've spotted a few well-cozy favourites I could go for myself!

Congratulations Second Class - maybe some of you might go into the business when you grow up - you could be the answer we need to our housing crisis!! Click on the Play button in the video panel below and enjoy.

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