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New Language Curriculum - Parent Support Leaflets

The following information for Parents is taken from a recent Circular from the Department of Education & Skills, regarding the new Primary Language Curriculum, being introduced in schools over the next number of years:

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) has developed two information leaflets for
parents on the new Primary Language Curriculum:

  • A one-page leaflet answers key questions from parents about the curriculum.
  • A two-page leaflet gives more detail on these key questions parents have about the curriculum.

The leaflets are available in English and Irish at www.curriculumonline.ie. The shorter leaflet might be more
helpful for parents for whom neither English nor Irish is their first language.

The leaflets explain why there is a new language curriculum and how it is different to the current curriculum
for English and Irish, and they inform parents of their important role in supporting and encouraging their
children’s language learning at home. In addition to the leaflets, the new Language Curriculum online includes
a section called Support Material. While much of this looks at classroom work, parents might find some of
it helpful in supporting their children at home. The material includes lots of advice, photos and videos about
children learning to talk, read and write. Over time, more materials on how parents can support their children's
language and literacy development through conversations and everyday activities and routines, will be added
to the website.

As part of your work with the new Primary Language Curriculum, your school might like to share some of
these materials with parents and/or draw their attention to them on the NCCA website at


As part of the Department’s strategy to improve children’s literacy and numeracy skills, the National Adult
Literacy Agency developed the website www.helpmykidlearn.ie. This provides some suggestions for
enjoyable activities in which parents and their children can engage. Information for parents about resources
to support literacy and numeracy in Irish is available from COGG, www.cogg.ie.

We would encourage schools to:

  • add a link from the school website to www.helpmykidlearn.ie (a great many of you have done this already) and www.cogg.ie particularly in Gaeltacht schools and in Gaelscoileanna
  • mention the websites to new parents visiting the school in May/June.
  • recommend them to parents as a source of suggestions for enjoyable activities in which parents and their children can engage.
  • encourage staff to access the websites and mention them in parent/teacher meetings.

In addition, the National Adult Literacy Agency has promotional posters and bookmarks with information about the website Help My Kid Learn, and how parents can support their children’s learning over the summer.

If you would like to order a free promotional pack for your school, email mmurray@nala.ie.