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Green Flag 3 - September 2018 to June 2019

Winners all round!!!
Winners all round!!!


Both adult and pupil committees have been formed, charged with the task of spreading the message to reduce water wastage and conserve water. We also are continuing with our litter and energy reduction and conservation. The children continue to embrace the challenge with the same enthusiam they have  shown for the first two flags.


Update February 2019

The Green School Competitions have been hugely supported by the children and staff.

We had lots of colourful pictures from the Infant Classes. We have a winner from each class and all the winning pictures are displayed around the Green Schools’ Notice Board.

The Slogan Competition was equally well supported and this made judging a very difficult job for the committee. All winning entries from each class are also displayed around the Green Schools’ Notice Board, with the overall winning entry coming from Room 20, Ryan Lambert. Our slogan for the Green Schools Water project is


         ‘SLOW THE FLOW ON H2O’


We are looking forward to a visit from Sinead Fox from Fingal County Council on February 28th when we can display how well we are doing on our journey towards our third Green Flag.

Room 8 get a special shout out for their two very interesting water experiments. They made water bags to display the water cycle. They also put any unused water they didn’t drink from their own drink bottles into a container. At the end of one week they saved seven and a half litres which they used to water the plants the plants in the patio.



The children in HFJNS are very aware and interested in Climate change. We had an Action Day on March 7th. All children made a pledge and there was a huge surge for everyone to use reusable bottles for their drinks. Teachers were also encouraged to use reusable coffee cups and water bottles. Mr Watson went around the school taking photographs of the pledges the children made in their attempt to “do their bit for the environment”. The classes were also photographed with their hand towels and reusable bottles. Discussions were held on:

"What is Climate Change?"

“What actions can we do to help the environment?"

"Global Warming"

The Drought and Heavy Snowfall Ireland had in 2018".

This was a very enjoyable and informative day for everyone. Have a look at the photos below to see some of the pledges and the ongoing work. Even more photos can be seen by going to the GALLERY section of the website.


Update May 2019 - Climate Ambassador

The children from second class had a visit on Thursday May 9th, from Karen Barody, a Climate Ambassador. She gave a talk on Climate Change and the effects it is having on our world. She also emphasised the importance of recycling and reusing materials in an effort to cut down on waste. The children really enjoyed the presentation and Karen was very impressed with their questions and answers. (Picture below)


Update May 22nd 2019 - Target Achieved!!

We are so happy and proud to report that today we received our 3rd Green Flag, in recognition of our work during the year in the area of WATER.....congratulations and many thanks to everyone who contributed to this success, from the Adult and Children Committees.