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2. Teacher Email contacts - August 2021 UPDATE

Email List below updated August 2021 for new year 2021/2022

[Original post - March 2020]

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you and your families are healthy, safe and are coping well in these very different circumstances.

As the COVID-19 closures continue to affect us all, we in the school will do our best to help our children with their learning. You will have seen the work sheets for each standard we have posted on our website, together with a list of on-line resources. Bearing in mind that our pupils are very young, and learning normally is dependent upon close pupil-teacher interaction in a well-equipped learning environment, we cannot expect to, and are not attempting to create a Distance Learning or Remote Teaching facility as currently offered by 2nd & 3rd level education. Our aim is to suggest work that can be done at home, support the children’s learning and provide activities which will keep both mind and body active.

These are changed and challenging times for us all and we are learning as we go. Best advice suggests that a daily routine of work, exercise and chores is good for our wellbeing, both adults and children. We suggest you find a time for learning in this routine and hope you find the goals set are realistic and achievable. If your child cannot always engage with the work, no problem, do what you can and do not stress over the rest.

The Educational Book Publishers have allowed free access to their on-line supports, there is a huge range of resources on-line, and RTÉ are launching a Schools Programme from March 30th. This is aimed mainly at 1st class to 6th class, will broadcast for two hours in the mornings with a short afternoon slot.

As of now the school closure has been amended to April 19th, but this is subject to further change. We will continue to publish the weekly work list which will outline the week’s work. We now plan to support the work lists with contact between teachers and their classes based on e-mails. This is in preparation and will commence after Easter, continuing as needed.  We urge you to avail of this service and help us to set it up, as some of our e-mail contacts are not current or are incomplete.

What do I need to do?

  • Locate your child’s teacher(s) on the attached list - SEE BELOW UNDER "DOWNLOADS" - or click TEACHER PROFESSIONAL EMAILS
  • e-mail the teacher(s) at the address provided, include your child’s full name; your name and relationship e.g. Mary Byrne (mother), and a current, personal e-mail address (not a work address)
  • Do this today as we need time to compile the class lists

You should receive a “Hello” mail from your teacher(s) in the week of March 30th and we plan to be ready to use the facility after Easter. Your child’s teacher will able to offer suggestions for work and give ideas and advice to help. Teachers will mail the group, and your contact details will not be shared within the group. This is very much a work in progress and will evolve as we go on.

These e-mail addresses will be used for school correspondence in the future.

Please say hello to the children from all of us in the school. We are thinking of them and hope that we will all be back together soon.  Keep up the learning, activities and exercise and above all stay safe by coughing and sneezing into your elbow and washing hands often.

Best wishes to you and your family

Declan Power, Principal


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