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Happy Easter to all our Families,

I hope you are keeping safe and well and looking forward to Easter.

You will have heard by now that schools are to remain closed until further notice, so while we are unable to be back as we had hoped, we will continue to keep in contact via website and e-mail after Easter.

I’m delighted to have good Easter news to share with you all.

Lauren, in Ms Murray’s class, wrote a lovely letter to Leo Varadkar to thank him for the work he is doing to keep us safe and to wish him a Happy Easter.

She got a very nice reply where he told her that he has given special permission for the Easter Bunny to deliver Easter Eggs to all our homes. 

Lauren is happy to share the letters so we have put them up on the website, as you can see by clicking HERE.

We had some Easter Eggs in the school which had been donated by Supervalu to the Parents’ Association. As we have no way of distributing them by Easter, we have decided to donate them to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. We are all delighted to see them go the the hospital. We are remembering the sick children who cannot be at home with their families this Easter.

Banaltra Órlaith, who visited us in February, is bringing the eggs to the hospital for us. She says a big thank you to all the kind children in Holy Family JNS - have a further look HERE.

Órlaith also reminds us to cough and sneeze into our elbows and to keep washing our hands.

I have met a lot of boys and girls out with their families in the last week or so. It’s lovely to get a smile and a wave and to see you all staying cheerful and getting out while Social Distancing.

Easter is quite different this year, but I hope you, your families and your friends enjoy it and that the Easter Bunny is good to you all.


Declan Power,  Principal