After what we hope was a great summer for all, the calendar has swung around once more to opening time again here at Holy Family Junior. It is lovely to see all the “old” or familiar faces returning, many having stretched a few centimetres, at least and ready to face the challenges of a new class.

Especially exciting as always, is the arrival of our newest pupils in Junior Infants, full of energy and enthusiasm as they finally make it to “big school”. We welcome them into the “family” and hope they have a great first year and a very happy couple of years in the Junior School.

Of course, the same welcome and good wishes extend to all staff and parents, who are the other members of this large school community. May we all have as enjoyable a year ahead as the many that have gone before.

Please check back here regularly for news, updates and any important information you may need in relation to life as it goes on in our school.

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