We welcome back all our pupils after what turned out to be a lovely summer - hopefully everyone made the best of it and we look forward to hearing all your stories in the coming weeks. As always, a very special welcome goes out to all our new Junior Infants and their families. They are already well settled in after just two weeks, as they begin their adventures with us for the next four years.....

This website is the place to check in with regularly to keep up to date with all events and happenings around the school....important notices will appear in this "broadcast panel" which sits on top of all pages.....check the posts below on the home page for other items and recent announcements. The various links to other pages and news-streams across the tops and down the sides of each screen are worth browsing to discover the useful and important information they contain - booklists, policy documents, links for parents, photo gallery, to highlight just a few.

Each year brings its own high points and unique moments - we look forward to a fun-filled and exciting year of learning and more ahead. smile

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