Rachel says - There Will Be Time

Rachel's uplifting Poem
Rachel's uplifting Poem

We've always known how creative our children are - we see it every day at school and at home in what they produce in music, art, writing, speech and more! The lockdown has not shut this down and it is great to see some of what children are coming up with these days. We are delighted they want to share it with the wider school community.

What we have here is a beautiful and inspiring poem from Rachel McCarthy, from Mr. Murphy's 2nd Class in Room 20. What Rachel manages to do is to look forward and stay positive about the future, despite what is going on around us all.....it is a very powerful and hopeful message, delivered in a few short but brilliantly written lines. Well done Rachel and Thank You, for such uplifting words.

To see the poem on a larger page, either right-click the poem image to open up in a new window or click on the link below in Downloads. (from the home page, click the image or title above first).


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