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National Clean Up Day 2014

A big Thank You to everybody who turned up to help tidy up around the school on Saturday April 5th 2014. \"Many hands make light work\" as is said and the results of our efforts are clear to be seen by all.

  • 1027149216_clean-up-2014-9.jpg
  • 1041839763_clean-up-2014-12.jpg
  • 1421938276_clean-up-2014-2.jpg
  • 1482056856_clean-up-2014-6.jpg
  • 1531659992_clean-up-2014-3.jpg
  • 1560827927_clean-up-2014-14.jpg
  • 1675312943_clean-up-2014-8.jpg
  • 1756179250_clean-up-2014-1.jpg
  • 1917107538_clean-up-2014-5.jpg
  • 1948957790_clean-up-2014-10.jpg
  • 350772451_clean-up-2014-11.jpg
  • 426564420_clean-up-2014-13.jpg
  • 735178218_clean-up-2014-7.jpg
  • 840097229_clean-up-2014-4.jpg

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