FINAL HOME WORK LISTS (March to June) in Archive Lists HERE / Teacher Emails HERE.

Children attending SEN / EAL / Reading Recovery: Please e-mail your Support Teacher directly for individually tailored work.

New items regularly appearing on Home Page below and in LOCKDOWN LATEST (also on top menu) ... including ...Beyza Gungor's Cup Song (Rm 11), a Cool Collage from Elisabeth Ryan (Rm 6), another great poetry video Poems By 1st Class, Max Dawson Makes Maths Fun (Rm 6), a fabulous poetry video Poems By 2nd Class, See Emily (Liu) Play...Piano (Rm 22), 'Hello' Video from Room 10, Kumar Dress Design Company (Rms 2 & 16), Bella Connolly - on her bike (Rm 2), Lauren Kavanagh - in Space! (Rm 16), Molly Ryan - Fitness Coach (Rm 6),  Art Videos with Danielius & Rasa (Rm 22)..

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