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Children attending SEN / EAL / Reading Recovery: Please e-mail your Support Teacher directly for individually tailored work. For E-mail list HERE.

New items regularly appearing on Home Page below and in LOCKDOWN LATEST (also on top menu) ... including ...Beyza Gungor's Cup Song (Rm 11), a Cool Collage from Elisabeth Ryan (Rm 6), another great poetry video Poems By 1st Class, Max Dawson Makes Maths Fun (Rm 6), a fabulous poetry video Poems By 2nd Class, See Emily (Liu) Play...Piano (Rm 22), 'Hello' Video from Room 10, Kumar Dress Design Company (Rms 2 & 16), Bella Connolly - on her bike (Rm 2), Lauren Kavanagh - in Space! (Rm 16), Molly Ryan - Fitness Coach (Rm 6),  Art Videos with Danielius & Rasa (Rm 22)..

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