Health and Safety Issues

20th September 2017

It has come to our attention that a number of children are entering the wooded area beside Junior Infants / 2nd Class playgrounds and climbing trees at dismissal times.


We would also ask that preschool children are supervised at all times when on school premises. Children and parents should vacate the premises promptly.

The item below regarding Car Park Safety and Regulations is still an issue that requires ongoing awareness and attention.


7th October 2015 - CAR PARK SAFETY

It has come to our attention, through parents and school personnel, that safety in the school staff carpark is A MAJOR CONCERN. Some parents and children are not using the footpaths to access the walkway, but going through the carpark to get to the walkway. This is a very dangerous practice.

We would ask that all parents and children use the footpaths as provided and DO NOT CROSS THROUGH THE CARPARK OR WALK BETWEEN CARS.

The same applies in the afternoon when children are being picked up or going home on their own. Scooters and bicycles should not be used in the school grounds. Please be aware that there are two very large schools on this campus and the safety of our children is always our first priority. There is a particular difficulty on Friday evenings when parents drive into the carpark when dropping children off for ballet.

Please note the there is no entry to the school carpark until after 4.30 pm. At present this is being ignored by a number of people. There are two signs at the entrance which clearly states “STAFF CARS ONLY BETWEEN 8.30 AM AND 4.30 PM”and “SLOW 5 MPH”.

We would ask that all parents remind their children of the importance of this safety notice.

We would greatly appreciate your co-operation thank you.

Mark Cunningham / David O'Keefe, School Principals.

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